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The science behind microbubbles revolutionizes skin cleansing. It is difficult to appreciate new developments in any field until they become common-place, but advancements are everywhere. Micro-bubble technology is a major advancement in skin care for pets and people. Due to their size and ionic charge, microbubbles can deep clean skin, hair follicles and pores without the aid of surfactants, detergents or soap. This provides a totally “new clean” that must be experienced to be appreciated. Furthermore, there is no risk of skin sensitivity or allergic reaction.

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As explained elsewhere, microbubbles penetrate deep into hair follicles and pores and through a combination of sonic energy and ionic charge remove oils and dirt. In general, the effectiveness of microbubble technology is determined by the number and the size of the bubbles produced. If bubbles are too large, they simply rise to the surface and rupture, and if they are too small, they are ineffective. Thera-Clean® has spent many years developing a unit that generates an extremely high concentration of optimally sized bubbles, generally between 3 and 20 microns. By simply sitting in a tub of water full of microbubbles or “hosing” microbubble laden water onto the skin, oils, dirt and even allergens are removed. A thorough cleansing takes approximately fifteen minutes. There is technically no need to even rub the skin; a wonderful advantage when skin is inflamed.

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The unit works by recycling water so can readily be adapted to any conventional tub or sink where pets (or people) are presently shampooed. For mobility, the unit can be used in a suitably sized plastic tote as well. All that is required is warm water and an electrical outlet.

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In a word…yes. Our Microbubble system is used by mobile groomers. The unit is quite heavy, however, as we use an extremely high quality stainless steel pump. This is essential to provide optimal generation of microbubbles along with duration of use. The unit does have castors and can be wheeled readily into position. It is then a simple matter of placing the intake hose below water level and turning the unit on. Many groomers have the unit on a trolley to quickly move from sink to sink when appropriate.


This we are afraid is a very reasonable concern. The answer is yes, but these are very innovative bubbles. All of the science and development has been conducted by the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and the future applications of the technology would seem limitless.


Thera-Clean® has developed a proprietary all-natural enzyme powder suitable for use with our microbubble unit. These enzymes, extracted from plants and minerals, enhance the removal of flakey skin and oils. The enzymes loosen the debris and the microbubbles carry the remnants away. While not essential, the enzymes are totally safe and can be ingested used on eyes and ears and are totally non-irritating. While extremely useful for diseased skin, several years of use in primarily veterinary hospitals has led to far more widespread application in grooming salons.


Microbubbles work on a much deeper level than any soaps or shampoos. They offer a whole new concept of clean skin. What this means is that microbubble therapy will enhance the efficacy of any other form of “treatment”. Any useful medications whether administered in the form of a shampoo or orally will function much better due to improved pore and hair follicle condition. This is why the unit is being used so extensively in veterinary hospitals in Japan. Microbubble cleansing is unique. It is easy to recognize that clean pores and hair follicles improve skin health. Each skin type and condition will benefit from varying cleansing protocols.

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Dogs with skin sensitivities and allergies would benefit from avoiding all detergents and perfumes and the trauma associated with conventional shampooing. Any of these animals are groomed using ONLY microbubble cleansing in Japan. For those with oily or flakey skin, the amount of enzyme added is adjusted accordingly.

Dogs with no such issues may benefit from an initial medicated or routine shampoo especially if the skin is VERY oily. This will help the microbubbles perform their unique ability to deep clean pores and hair follicles. Very often, if owners allow routine microbubble cleansing, pre-shampooing becomes unnecessary and even unwarranted as detergents will potentially negatively affect the skin.

Animals (cats, ferrets, etc. as well) that require specific topical therapies such as antifungal or antibacterial shampoos will actually benefit from a pre-microbubble cleansing as the active ingredients will now be able to work more effectively “in” the skin rather than just “on” the skin.

It should be noted that shampoo should not be used in conjunction with micro-bubbles as the surfactant will affect microbubble function. Consequently, shampooed animals should be rinsed thoroughly and fresh water should be used for the microbubble treatment.

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Of course, this depends on specific skin condition but in terms of safety and skin condition, daily use would not be harmful. That stated, bi-monthly treatments would really benefit animals with skin and odor concerns, while monthly “routine” use will keep most dogs looking and feeling great.


The unit is of extremely high quality but filters should be cleaned after each usage for hygienic purposes. Also, a bactericidal, viricidal cleaner should be added to the water and run through the machine after any dogs with skin problems and routinely for 5 minutes at the end of a day’s usage. Otherwise, the unit should be respected as any other electrical appliance.